Monday, January 21, 2019

Monster Catfish and Pike in Portugal

After 27 years exploring the fishing in Portugal, spending years - yes years - camping out in all weather fishing, I can confidently say that I know our freshwater fishing better than any other angler in Portugal. I read all I can about our fishing, talk to the anglers I meet when fishing, talk to the police when they ask for my permit (some very good anglers among them). Many anglers email me for help and after I help them they give me tips about their secret places.

So do we have big catfish in Portugal – YES - a few years ago there was a report in a local paper about a dam in the north where the locals told the tourists not to swim because there was a big crocodile in the water. The tourist board got to know and had the water netted. The result was a catfish just under 300lbs. I know that a number of people have put catfish into local dams when they became too big for their tanks at home. These can turn up in any water but are so few as to not be viable targets.

Some waters will give you a better chance long term and the Alqueva Dam could come good. The Spanish have moved some there from the Ebro and I know of one being recaptured. We have hooked monster fish in the river Sado they could be cats or Comizo Barbel both of which are not supposed to be in there!!! But the best place is the river Tejo and its dams access is difficult but well worth a try. There’s some good carp and barbel there as well. Try a web search for pesca siluro Portugal and you will see lots of pictures of cats 60 to 75lbs from this area. Most cats are taken by accident on normal carp gear. The big ones are lost so any effort with suitable tackle could pay off.

We have Pike as well, but not in too many places. The Alqueva Dam has them and big Zander as well. They turn up all down the river Guadiana down to near the sea but only the odd fish. The best place, again, are the dams on the river Tejo. They turn up in the north of Portugal in the Azibo Dam.

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