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From 2014 we are starting to do a yearly updates on the highlights for our years fishing so you can see what we are catching and not being like other fishing sites talking about what they caught 10 or in some cases 20 years ago.!!!!!

2013 Review.

1) The year started of in cracking style when I landed a very big carp for fellow tightlines guide tom this fish went 49lb 8oz  and is the present mirror carp record for portugal. NOTE - its growing 5lb a year!

2) I then switched to sharks and had a few days out with expert local expat from Lagos and had a great time with no blank trips over the period. One young lad had a great fight on 30lb tackle with a 112lb Mako shark.

3) Back on to my local river and had some great mixed fishing taking carp to just under 20lbs and barbel just over 10lbs. We are still not sure what the species of monster fish we keep making contact with is and have yet to land, but we will be making an extra effort and expect to find out this year. Watch this space!

4) Test fishing our new private syndicate waters - lots of fish to mid 20s Tom had a great catch one day which totalled 25 fish including 23 doubles, really great fishing that is also available to my customers when they book a trip with me.

5) Late season and back to the sharks and had some fantastic fishing taking 11 sharks one day, including a big blue estimated at 200lbs - had one fantastic day taking 9 mako sharks to 150lbs and losing 2 much bigger, been a year of great shark fishing - come on out and give it a try!

6) Around the time the Mako sharks came in the White Marlin came as well  withsome fantastic catches with up to 50 hits a day reported and some very big blue marlin taken as well.

7) As the winter came 2 old mates came over separately to fish our big fish carp water - Nigel had a known fish out at 49lbs and Ian a new 44lb fish, the growth is great and the potential, phenomenal.

8) Winter is here and we are still out carp fishing often with temperatures near 20c with up to 16 runs in 2 days and the fish are really packing on the weight - a lot different to back in the rest of UK and Europe, even with the mild, wet Winter in the UK the fishing just dowsn't compare to what is available here in the Algarve in Portugal - come on out one Winter and enjoy the warm weather and the great fishing.

John Bate


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