Friday, February 15, 2019

It was not me who named this water, I first came across it over 20 years ago when I took out a video from my local tackle shop near Blackpool. The film, in 2 parts, was about a trip to Portugal by some of the England match team and Keith Arthur. Years later after I had set up Tightlines Portugal, here in the Algarve, the chap who made that film contacted me to guide him and his mates on thier annual fishing holiday to Portugal, and what a really nice group of anglers they all were.

I made a point of finding this lake when I came over to live and had a few sessions on it catching fish to 17lbs, but was looking for bigger fish, it took me years to find any better places and in the meantime this water changed hands and has been locked up for 15 years.

My friend Tom has been working hard and lubricating the wheels with the owner in an effort to get permission to fish and last month we had the go ahead and 3 of us made the short drive there to have a days fishing. I fished one end of the dam wall near a bed of reeds where we could see carp cruising. Tom fished the other end of dam where he could park his camper and Chris fished near him.

Views of Crystal Lake below.

1st day - I had 12 fish to 17lbs,  Chris a few to 19lbs and Tom a few fish to 15lb.

2nd day - I had 5 fish  Chris a few fish, but Tom hit the jackpot with what I think is probably the best one day catch of carp ever in Portugal.

Fishing 9 am till 7 pm he had 25 fish with only 2 under 10lbs, both around 9lbs, his best weighing just under 20lbs, add to this that he lost a few as well and it shows the potential this new lake has for carp fishing.

This test fishing showed us that there are 4 different types of carp in this water:

  • Commons - 95% of which are around 15lbs with good numbers just under 20lbs-great fighters
  • Mirror carp - again most around 15lbs
  • Fully scaled mirrors - only a few but nice looking fish
  • Carp with incredibly long fins and massive tail - not hybrids, we have had a few of them, they resemble what are known in the ornamental fish trade as 'butterfly' or 'dragon carp' (example image in the right).

We have now fished the water a few times in different swims and fishing is nice and easy with most fish around 16lbs and a few in low 20s. We think that there will probably be fish pushing 30lb in there and with the feed we are putting in there will be lots of mid 20s around by Spring time.

Signs of some very big black bass as well, one of the members saw what was possibly a fish of around 10lb close in.

We now have a lease on this water and can take others there fishing - as a visitor to the Algarve you can only fish this water as part of one of my carp fishing in the Algarve carp fishing holiday packages.

NB:There is currently a vacancy for a local angler to become a member of the new syndicate, so if you are a resident here in the Algarve and would like to fish with a syndicate made up of a friendly group of ex-pat anglers, you can find out more by contacting me using the TLP email form here, ring me, or write to me with your details and I'll tell you more.


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