Friday, February 15, 2019

tightlines-49.5-algarve-carpAt 11am today 16th Feb 2013 very shakily I slipped my net under what I could see was a very special fish for my fishing partner and fellow tightlines guide Tom.

It all started some 3 days earlier when we arrived at the water in glorious sunshine, typical of a Winter here in the Algarve, and started to locate the likely feeding areas for the carp and then set about baiting to attract any feeding fish. Our previous Winter trips had shown that there were always a group of large carp willing to feed throughout the Winter on this particular water.

To facilitate a longer session, I was in my transit van from which i have modified to allow me to have a mobile base from which to operate and to provide plenty of room for lots of gear. My mate and fishing partner Tom had come over in his Hymer camper with enough gear to stock a tackle shop, which he did have at one time.

Once we had located the likeliest spot out was went the Viper baitboat with our particle mix which was laced with tuna in oil, aniseed, chilly, salt and our secret additives and hook baits. With the help of the Viper's fishfinder Tom accurately dropped his bait in a spot in 6ft of water, just short of a bed of reeds around 180 yards across the bay we were fishing and the trap was set.

No immediate action, but as we had learnt in the past these fish tended to be mobile and we could have fish immediately or there may be a wait for them to come on to the particular area we were fishing and get on the bait. Three days later and we were beginning to think about packing up as it was looking like we were in the swim that had probably been browsed just prior to our arrival, when the bite alarm went off and the fight was on - some 15 minutes later I slipped the net under the fish and knew something special was on the cards!

After weighing the fish on 2 sets of scales the weight was confirmed at 49lbs 8ozs, which is, as far as I can currently find out, is easily the best mirror carp ever in Portugal, the only other 40lb+ fish we know of was 46lbs from this same water by Chris last year.

The effort and conviction that we could be fishing for a new record on this water was well founded and all I can say is well done Tom.

If any one needs further encouragement to consider coming out to Portugal for some warm carp fishing between November and March, when the UK and more northern countries are cold and miserable, then take a look at the trips we offer, fully accommodated or guided here

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