Monday, January 21, 2019

A nice barbel from a new river venue!Just back from a very enjoyable trip, guiding a customer over for a weeks fishing here in the Algarve. He was delighted with his trip and I have to say I was delighted too as it provided a new venue for the future!.

A regular visitor who is interested in all forms of angling, so during this trip we ventured on to a new river venue to search for a few barbel, and were not disappointed taking some very nice fish, with a bonus 8lb mullet!

The venue will receive a little more attention over the coming months as i seek out the bigger barbel we have here in Portugal, them 'comizo' which run to over 20 kilo in weight.

The barbel on this river go to 20lbs, our other river has even bigger barbel best I have records of was 37lbs taken on a live bait ( stone loach). This year an English angler took a fish of 22lbs.

If you are interested in coming out to Portugal and fishing for our native barbel get in touch and find out more about the fishing and the accommodation we have on offer here in the Algarve.

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