Friday, February 15, 2019

I’ve just spent three days of freshwater fishing magic with John Bates in the Algarve.

On the first day, to get us started, we used floats and feeders to catch 20 carp up to 9 lb in a heavily stocked lake.  We had to wait for a while until a shoal of carp appeared and muddied a large swath of the lake by feeding on our ground bait.  Once the action started it was non-stop excitement and fun.

Next day we used poppers and spinners to catch 30+ largemouth bass.  We began in John’s boat on the largest lake and explored the numerous, picturesque bays.  We finished by stalking bass on a small lake that also contained some tempting carp.  Day 3 was the climax.  We tied up the boat in the marginal reeds of a small bay where we'ed seen large carp patrolling in the deep, crystal clear water on the previous day.

Using sliding floats, 2 lb test curve rods and light bait runner reels with boilies as bait we set our ambush.  After an hour of quiet, patient waiting my float shot off and the reel screamed as a 19 lb carp went on a blistering run.  After struggling to keep it away from the rushes  I manoeuvred the fish into the open water and after many hard-fought minutes John landed it - a scale perfect common and my biggest float-caught carp. After I’d caught another big common,  John’s float suddenly rocketed off and mine followed seconds later- a double take!  John’s fish headed straight for the margins and, having thought the fish was lost, he skilfully coaxed it out and into the net - a 21 lb beauty.  I landed my double a few minutes later. 

To complete a marvellous day, I had three more runs and landed two more commons edging 20 lbs.  The excitement of clearly seeing large carp feeding around your bait in the depths only a rod length away from the boat takes some beating.  If you get a chance, why not experience the breathtaking fun accompanied by John in sunny Portugal.  My only warning is: don’t forget the suncream and take plenty of drinking water!

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