Friday, February 15, 2019

Big marlin are regularly caught off the Algave coastBest fish that we have reports of last season is a Blue Martlin of 737lbs to Portuguese angler Joao Brito, good as this fish was, it pales into insignificance compared with the Algarve record of 1306lbs.

I have seen pictures of some nice fish landed at Porimao, 90lbs conger and a White Shark over 2000lbs, taken unfortunately in a net, but it does indicate the potential for those willing to put in time and effort.

Quality corvinna are to be here tooFrom the beaches have come some nice Sea bass. One of the best catches made by local angler Alexander Alves from Carvoeiro was Bass of 15lbs and 17lbs on the same day. Bass around the coast of Portugal go to 30lbs in weight.

A NEW European record was set September 2008 at Sesimbra, near Lisbon, when a blue marlin weighing 419 kilos and measuring more than four metres, was caught.

With the increasing reported catches of superb sea fish of numerous species all around the Algarve coast reaching out across the World, it is obvious, from the increase in the enquiries we are receiving from our web site visitors, that there is a demand that needs to be satisfied.

 Please note that we do offer a Complete Sea Fishing Package including accommodation and organized fishing.

Big Game Fishing with Tightlines-Portugal

The Boat - Custom built for big game at a cost of 200,000 Euros with 2x 250 HP engines-fully equipped with quality fishing gear –unlike most other boats.

The Skipper - Portuguese big game expert who speaks English –I cannot praise him enough his knowledge in fishing for marlin to normal bottom fishing is 2nd to none.

The Catch
- unlike most other boats we do catch Marlin, White and Blue sharks, fishing when the water is hot around August into October.

Find out more about Tightlines Marlin trips here

Sharks can be caught all year, best day so far this year 2009 is 15 sharks all tagged and released, biggest a 10 ft blue.

Find out more about Tightlines Shark fishing trips here

Bottom fishing is interesting with wide variety of species to catch, you will always catch enough to take fish home for your barbecue or to give to friends.   

Prices for this package or a custom package are available on request!

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