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Porto Dona Maria

pleasure-fishing-holidayThis holiday is a fully escorted and very well equipped carp and barbel fishing package in the Alentejo where you each get the personal attention of John Bate to ensure you catch plenty of fish. This package provides access to some excellent dams for the carp fishing and one NEW river venue for the barbel fishing.

No need to hire a car or bring any gear out (avoiding the added cost), we sort everything out for you, that's a good set of fishing tackle each, lots of bait and feed, permits, and your accommodation. All this is only a few minutes away from some of the best pleasure fishing in Europe.

7 Days Coarse, Barbel or Carp Fishing in the Alentejo

Prices (Inclusive price for Barbel or Carp Fishing with Bed and Breakfast Accommodation)

Price:€700.00 per week for per angler for party of two or more anglers.


NB: Special rates are available for larger parties.

Booking a Trip

If you wish you can make an reservation inquiry for this trip using the Online Reservation Booking form below. (click tab below to open)

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Completing and submitting this form does not constitute a definite booking, it is simply a request for a set of dates and package to be reserved on your behalf and is subject to confirmation of availability by Tightlines Portugal before it can be booked firmly on your behalf and any flights or accommodation reservations made.

Occasionally there is the possibilty that your choice of dates will not be available and we will advise other dates that are as close as possible to try and accommodate your wish for a trip with us.

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Pleasure fishing

After spending every summer for many years exploring the fishing in Ireland, I stumbled upon the fishing in Portugal and never looked back. The pleasure fishing in Portugal is simply incredibly good with 100lb bags of hard fighting carp and barbel are virtually guaranteed for average anglers fishing with me. My best catch was over 300lbs and included 19 doubles to 18lbs. A

good match angler can catch over 100 hard fighting common carp per day!

A recent article by Andy Little in Anglers Mail detailed his experiences on a trip to Portugal where reported that Portugal’s carp are 'the hardest fighting carp in the world!'



We meet you at the airport and take you to our new base in a nice hotel.

We supply ALL your fishing gear, so no extra expense on the plane - this is quality tackle that we are constantly adding to, this year we have added more rods and reels by Shimano, rods from ABU, Maver and Grey's.

This accommodation is close to a new venue with good fishing, so no need for early starts, most like to get up around 7.30, have a full English breakfast. We leave around 8.00am for the fishing. These timings are completely flexible, you can choose to start later if you wish or even night fish if you prefer.

Whilst we usually set out to fish one particular water as the results get better day by day as the feed draws in the fish, you can of course choose to fish other waters in the area, but moving about too much is not the way to get the best out of the available sport!

You take cold drinks and I make hot drinks whilst we are out fishing. We normally finish the day around 7.00pm and then hit the local bar/restaurant for around 8.30 after a shower and change of clothes. A good meal with drinks is around £10.00 per head.

barbel-fishing-holidaysI supply your permits, bait by the dustbin full, boilies and cases of sweetcorn. I even throw in a few cases of beer and bottles of brandy.

When the trip is over, I take you back to the airport, if your flights are around 6.00pm, we can get a half days fishing in on the last day if you choose.

*Compare the price for such organised, personally guided and attended fishing, we believe its "unbeatable"*

If you would like to get to enjoy some secluded fishing in Portugal? Book a trip with us now using our onine Reservation page!

We look forward to entertaining you, your family or friends soon?

John Bate

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