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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Some really good looking big carp are now turning up

My heart really lies with specimen fishing, however this type of fishing is impractical particularly when young anglers are present, fishing with me.

For the coming new season I aim to get away for a few weeks camping, fishing waters that have very few small fish and larger populations of fish that average 20lbs plus with the carp running to 50lb plus and barbel to 30lbs plus also possible.

Specimen carp fishing trips

If there are any like minded anglers who fancy joining me on these trips they would be more than welcome, the trips will be well equipped and with plenty of bait (particle ground baits etc).

Price: £700.00 per person, per week, with B and B accommodation

Optional trips:

The option is to travel and bivvy up rather than use hotels, this is an inclusive package, fully escorted, tackle available if you wish to travel light, bait and all food requirements covered (fresh food from local suppliers) you have nothing extra to pay for.

This offers the best chance of getting the bigger fish and gives the maximum time on the bank!

Price: £400.00 per person, per week for two or more

Price: £600.00 per week, for a lone angler

Special price for larger groups travelling together

If you would like to get to enjoy some secluded fishing in Portugal? Book a trip with us now using our onine Reservation page!

About the specimen carp fishing in Portugal

Some really big fish are now beginning to come to our nets!

When I first arrived in Portugal some years ago there was no information available about big carp – no Portuguese fishing mags, nothing on the internet.  One English angler had found a few places to fish and was taking a few visiting anglers fishing, catching fish into mid doubles.  My mate Eddie Mears had been out earlier with Bob Nudd and some of the English team and made a film of fishing the Guadiana at Mertola and dam near Lagos and that was it.

So I started what turned out to be a 16 year hunt for big carp.  I travelled all over the south of Portugal fishing around 70 places and catching over 1000 doubles.

There are now fishing mags and web sites that have named some of these places I fished, so I can tell you about them, but I keep a few places secret for my mates and clients.

Castelo De Bode about one and half hours north east from Lisbon – a big 6000 + acres and deep water – some nice fish 30 + lbs have come out possible 50 + lbs.  But its very slow. 

Alfarofia near Elvas see Lago De Alfarofia.  Smallest water we fish 15 acres, big fish, some say 60 + lbs, but very slow, can be one fish a week.

Alvito Dam – Andy Little fished it some years ago and had fish out to near 20 lbs which is what I have found.  Lots of small fish and the odd double same as the nearby Odivelas Dam – good pleasure fishing.

Monty De Rocha Dam near Orique – used to be main fishing area for anglers from Algarve – lost 200 tons of fish a few years ago – some fish still in – it’s a place to watch for the future.

Arade and Funchal Dam near Silves was just starting to produce the odd double with outside chance of 20s till few years ago when they were drained – will take years to recover.

I concentrate on just 3 dams for my bigger fish, 2 smaller waters with reeds and weed beds good for stalking.  These have mirrors to well over 40 lbs and commons to 50 lbs +.  Accommodation is very close with good restaurants and bars.  The other water is big and has barbel as well.  Have seen fish 50 lbs + and the locals have lots of reports of fish to 70lb  with one report of a fish over 90 lbs.  It is very big and has had very few people ever on it carp fishing.

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