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The Portuguese are not into barbel fishing in a big way as they are much more interested in fishing for black bass and zander which they take home to eat. To give you some idea of the fantastic potential for barbel fishing here in sunny Portugal I would like to share with you some of my knowledge and experiences built up after spending 21 years exploring the south of Portugal in the Algarve.

The image at the top of the page shows one of the more remote and enticing stretches that contains barbel in excess of 20lbs in weight...tempting don't you think...fancy tangling with some great fish in such surroundings? Contact me if you do!

A few years ago Andy Little came over for a short trip and had some very nice fishing on a beautiful little river for barbel, a little while later a friend of mine in the UK was in a tackle shop at home and became involved in a conversation with local angler who had just come back from Portugal. He had been up and fished this same river and using cheese paste had taken many fish including 6 doubles. I have spent years exploring that river, the Guadiana, from Elvas where it enters Portugal from Spain and all the way down to the sea on the Algarve.

This river and its dams are home to 6 distinctively different species of barbel 5 grow to similar size as UK fish at around 20lbs but the big one is the monster Comizo which can grow to 45lbs. The Guadiana river - apart from a few areas close to towns like Serpa and Mertola, is virtually unfished, in fact for many miles, unless you have a boat, it is unfishable. One part of this river is 300 yards wide with islands, shallow runs, deep (40ft) holes and rocks, some the size of a double decker bus. Here a few locals fish with crayfish or live-bait and take sombre very big fish, best I have proof of was a 37lb comizo.

One day I was exploring with my friend Bill, over on holiday from Yorkshire, in an area called Portela De Lobo, thats the 'pool of the wolf' which is in a remote nature reserve area. Here the river falls 60ft down into a deep pool the size of an Olympic swimming pool, that day we witnessed the barbel getting ready to spawn, hundreds of fish some into doubles rolling over and chasing each other about…spectacular and a glimpse into the potential for that stretch of river.

Further down on the Algarve we have the Southern barbel, a beautiful fish which fights double what you might be used to with English fish ofthe same size, only yesterday in middle of winter I had 5 fish to 8lbs, these fish from where the river enters a big dam, bending a carp rod double as they screamed off taking 20 yards of line.. awesome sport.

Are there monster fish on river to the north of Algarve? general we have had no problem catching double figure barbel and carp to 20lbs from this river, but occasionally (weekly) we have hooked monsters that have broken us up on 30lb braid, we now fish with a stronger 42lb braid and are looking forward in seeing what these fish are, but we only get in the odd trip due to the location and particularly as now we have our own private water close to home……



If you fancy a crack at fishing for these Barbel in Portugal, then get in touch using the Online Reservations form and I'll advise you on what I have to offer

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